The Global Hack

The Global Hack is a global initiative which unites the Hack the Crisis movement and the 40+ hackathons put up in the frames of this movement. We decided to jump in and help the organising team to create partnerships with global leading organisations and fundraise money to the prize pool.

During the hackathon weekend, 12,000+ participants from 98 countries came together over a 48hr period to develop practical solutions to tackle COVID-19 head-on.
Have a look at the TOP3 overall winners.

The disinfection station will provide a holistic solution for a hygiene method as a global standard. By providing easy, affordable and barrier-free access to hand disinfection, we can help reduce the spread of viruses like corona, both within Europe and abroad. We achieve such extensive coverage by coupling UV lamps with our upcycled solar generators, allowing it to be a truly sustainable and inclusive solution that can be brought to exactly where it's needed.
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Act on Crisis
Before this crisis approx 12% of the world's population was in need of psychological support. There’re currently 3bln people in lockdown which means at least 360mln are experiencing strong emotional imbalance. Yet they don't have access to secure online emotional support which would fit their cultural background.
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Material Mapper
A market research to validate the problem statement - a survey and thorough in-person meetings with all major property developers, municipalities, demolishing, recycling and construction companies in Norway.
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