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Stories for Impact

This time we talked with Jaan Aps, the CEO of Stories for Impact about how to make impact measurement and reporting as common for companies as financial reporting is. Any company influences its employees, supply chain, community and natural environment it operates in. These impacts can and should be measured as well as managed. Jaan shared what is the problem they are solving, why now is the perfect time to work on it, how has the corona crisis affected the startup and what will be the future of impact measurement.

Limitless is working closely with Jaan Aps and Stories for Impact to identify the best impact Key Performance Indicators (KPI-s) and set up good measurement practices for our pipeline and portfolio companies.

                                    Stories for Impact team
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Dermtest is streamlining medical photo management

We talked with Priit Kruus, the CEO of Dermtest about the story of building up a digital health startup. Priit explained what is the problem they are solving with Dermtest, what is the story behind his decision to become a co-founder, how has the corona crisis affected the startup, what will happen with the healthcare sector in the next couple of years and what he thinks about Sustainable Development Goals.

Limitless supported Dermtest with a revenue-based impact financing in March 2020 to help them quickly build an additional feature called Dermtest Telehealth for their medical photo management toolbox in order to enable contactless care solutions for patients.

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